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    We providing unique, handmade bespoke lighting solutions for costume.

  • 1. Light elements

    We specialise in understanding the vision for Electrify Costume design, and offer a number of proprietary lighting components to accentuate the desired aesthetic and to provide unique, handmade bespoke lighting solution to meet the market’s need.



    Fiber Optic

  • LED

    Light elements

    RGB LEDS, which is the most common solution for programmable colour or matrix feature, our latest proprietary come in the form of Smart RGB Fabric Cable Light Strand or entire piece of Smart RGB Fabric Patch.

    And those RGB LEDS are surface mounted directly on the conductor knitted together with inherent flame retardant yarns in any dimensions, and can be stitched direct onto the costume.

    Apart from for maintaining the highest softness and flexibility’s sakes , most of all this is a conclusive solution addressing the broken of connection point and cable which is one of the major reliability crunch throughout .

  • OEL

    Light elements

    Organic Electroluminescent (OEL in short ) prevails over the entire light up wearable market and has been widely adopted for lighting costume lately , due to a series of groundbreaking evolutions such as the 3rd Generation soft, crushable and machine washable sheet.

    3G panel makes multiple -plane complex forming possible due to its highly pliability.

    Furthermore , 3G sheets is capable to be encapsulated with many different materials , even those are difficult to process , a good example is we succeeded in encapsulated 3G sheet with carbon fibre in one piece and deformed simultaneously.