Specialize in turnkey projects with multiple lighting elements.

    The original Animated Electroluminescent (AEL) Manufacturer, since its inception in 1998, Top Right Optoelectronics Ltd has been producing quality EL lamps with imported long-life micro-encapsulated phosphor. In the Year 2012, we proudly presented our Organic Grade EL (O-EL), which is 4-10 times brighter than normal EL panel (400cd to over 1,200cd).

    By utilizing different binder systems, our versatility offers an exceptionally broad range of custom designed EL lamps to the market.

    With our team of engineers and skilled production workers, we offer you a complete solution to your lighting needs, from design to production, promptly and cost effectively.

    With standardized environmental testing procedures, our 100% quality control policy ensures that our customers’ high standards are met. Rigorous shockproof testing is also conducted to avoid catastrophic failure.