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    General Specification

    1. General Specification
    2. Details of OEL specification

    You will find information regarding specifications, environmental test, voltage surge test, storage test and temperature shock test.


    1. AC220
    2. AC110
    3. DC Operated
    4. Features
    5. Comparison

    Adjusting output frequency voltage and animation alternation can be achieved simply by changing and IC chip inside the inverter, allowing the inverter fully re-usable.

    Quality Assurance

    1. Our New Drivers “Better, quieter, and more efficient”

    We offer custom formulations to meet specific design needs.

    Every EL lamp is tested to ensure: electrical continuity/durability and the absence of cosmetic imperfections.

    Environmental chambers test the lamp's reliability in extremes of temperature and humidity.

    Measurement of brightness is conducted to ensure lamps' conformance to customer requirements.