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    Apart from our core expertise in EL, our research & development capabilities have seen us continue to develop custom lighting solutions using different lighting technologies for our clients.

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    Lamps' new formula

    Top Right devises our own custom formulas to create a tailor made binder system for each different application.

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    Crushable EL Panel

    TopRight 3rd generation panel for all sorts of wearable applications, which is totally waterproof and machine washable.

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    3D Emboss-able EL Panel

    TopRight 3rd generation deformable panel can be embossed into any forms or sharps.

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    EL Sticker/Wrapping Film

    Utilizing our 3G technology to transform EL foil into a real sticker form. Targeting for vehicle wrapping and bottle labels applications.

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    Double Side Lit Panel

    Unique Semi-transparent double side lit panel.