• Flashing Zebra Crossing

    by IBM

    With solutions for today’s challenges in traffic, energy, safety and more, IBM is striving towards a ‘Smarter Planet’. A vision that goes beyond a mere business proposition. IBM wanted to get this vision across in the Netherlands. But due to a limited communications budget IBM doesn’t use mass media. So how do you tell that IBM’s Smarter Planet vision is about working on new solutions to make our world better? We needed to communicate the message that IBM strives for a Smarter Planet in a simple and compelling way. Not by telling, but by experiencing.

  • Coca-cola Sound Stairs

    大連勝利廣場 - 2012


  • The Fish Choir Billboard

    Findus - Paris

    Several Parisian billboards were modified so as to become stages for a special show. 25 fish, activated by a motion detector, performed 24/7 a funny version of the K.C. and the sunshine band's hit 'Shake your booty' in front of pedestrians and thus demonstrated what the new Findus range offers - only sele cted fish.

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